Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ah...spring. Warm air...and freezing waters. Everything is in bloom, and the only-in-warm-air- paddlers are starting to appear. I found this lady about to launch at south shore. It is inside the breakwater and fairly well protected from the waves on the big lake. One never knows, however, when an unskilled motor boater will throw a wake your way. So, I asked, "New boat?"

It was. Did she realize that it was a recreational boat and not a sea kayak and that any wave or wake could tip it? She was, the man pointed out, only going to use it within the breakwater to get to their boat which is on a mooring. "Be careful," I offered and went off for what turned out to be a wonderful solo paddle.

They were gone when I returned, and there was no sign of a major rescue having taken place.As I hauled out, I saw these new paddlers, and they were doing it right. They stayed together better than any class I've ever taught, and they had adult supervision and an experienced instructor. Hmmm...pretty smart, don't you think?

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Great shot of the class on the water!!!

The "sweep" must have a Romany as he/she is falling just a bit behind the others. LOL!!!

Silbs said...

LOL. True, but his little waterline will grow rapidly. My Romany is always the same length.