Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Now You See The C To C...
Now You Don't

Time was a time when a rolling class meant a time to struggle with and fail at the C to C roll. A good and quick roll, it always seemed to have some psychological barrier that kept the student from quite getting it. All would go well until the head came up. The boat never rotated because, without the student or instructor realizing it, the one in the boat was actually lifting both knees, what physicists refer to as mutually neutralizing double hip snaps. In any event, a surprisingly low percentage of first time students left the class with any roll let alone a bomb-proof one.

Enter the modified sweep roll and successes abounded. Well, at least the numbers of folks getting it at the first session increased considerably. More over, fewer shoulders popped out of their sockets, and folks eventually got their off side roll quicker. What's not to love?

To be sure, better approaches to the C-C roll have been developed and success rates are up. but who needs the gymnastics (I speak here to sea kayakers, not the play boaters who need quick and dirty rolls). With all sweep rolling, everything is more leisurely, and the boat comes around more slowly (or quickly, if you wish). Boats with chines and designs that make them harder to roll, can be brought around gradually as they relent to the longer and more evenly applied lift of the thigh and slow sweep of the blade.

So, see no evil, see no C to C (at first try) and sweep that sucker over. My thoughts.

Paddle safe...

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