Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who Is Next?(They don't have leprosy?Hansen's disease. I blurred their faces because they are minors)
Earlier this week, two of us took a dozen or so play boats to a high school and had four sessions during which the students got to...well, play in the play boats. After a short demo and fitting, off they went. There were races, figure eight course, follow the leader and tag.

It was interesting to relive that time of life as I watched these teenagers go about their social interaction; and it was fun to watch them struggle with a boat not meant for quiet waters. Eventually, they invented their own games, such as basketball in a boat. A few, who have had kayak experiences, won the races and paddled with the least effort.

Bottom line, perhaps an idea was planted in a young mind that might otherwise never have thought of trying out a kayak.

Paddle safe...

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Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I always like hearing about young people getting an opportunity to kayak...well to do anything. Some never get many opportunities at all. Good on you Silbs for sure. we have a kids paddle day coming up this summer thanks for some of the paddling game ideas.

Kindest Regards,