Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where Ever
So, this past weekend we had Paddle Fest, and Sunday we took a short paddle from the outer harbor up into the Milwaukee River. I suspect that this is the last you will read of this trip as Ocean Paddler and Sea Kayaker Magazine are unlikely to cover it.

It's not as if we circumnavigated Puerto Rico or Ireland, and it certainly didn't compare in magnitude to crossing a few hundred miles of open ocean. It was, simply, a paddle, and that's the whole point.

It was, pure and simple, a paddle. It consisted of some boats and some friendly paddlers...just add water. It was 99% forward strokes, and the boats were off the rack. There were no sponsors.

Yet, for some of the newer paddlers it may have been the best damn adventure they ever had as they did battle with the 2-foot clapotis chop that tried to tip the kayak from beneath them. For some it may have seemed like a marathon and was the longest paddle they had ever made. Arriving at our destination was no small victory for many.

Crossing an ocean or our open harbor is, in the end, just paddling; and that's the common enjoyment we all share...where ever.

Paddle safe...


steve said...

Hi Silbs, I think that "just a paddle " is a bit underrated with all the fantastic expeditions going on. Truth is that most us us spend our time and outings just paddling along and enjoying the day for what it brings. Nice one

Silbs said...

Hey, Steve. I agree. Which reminds me, I have a 6pm paddle with JB on Lake Michigan this evening.

JohnB said...

6 pm paddle, followed by an 8:30 Irish whisky reservation!

Less than two hours, just filled my new Nalgene water bladder that came in today--very nice!