Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Now that most paddlers are back, or about to be back, on the water, it is a good time to set some realistic goals. For some, this is the year they will learn to roll or add a roll to their bag of skills. For others, it might be getting a solid draw stroke or a low brace turn. No matter, all will need to practice, and most will benefit from instruction.

Symposiums abound and most offer a tantalizing array of courses. Here, in the Midwest, Rutabaga (in Madison, Wisconsin) has a unique offering coming up soon. Brent Reitz, a champion racer with roots in the area, will be conducting a clinic in Madison. This one day course, which involves instruction and video analysis, will be offered on May 24, 25 and 26. For more info, go to their site or contact Nancy at 1-800-472-3353.

In Milwaukee, Laacke & Joys will hold their annual PADDLE FEST on May 17th-18th. Several lectures and some mini-on-water-lessons will be offered along with test paddling and short trips. Our local forward stroke Guru, Gary Simon, will be presenting there as well.

Here are two great opportunities, right in our back yard, to learn and perfect the most-needed-most -often-done-wrong-stroke.

Paddle safe...

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