Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After a Year...
10 Minutes Late

Each spring, on the first really nice day, I like going out for a paddle at our local launch site on Lake Michigan. Those days are also the ones during which I usually see the first recreational paddler of the year doing all sorts of inappropriate things. It generally makes for a good photo and posting. This year I arrived 10 minutes late. The guy was getting out of his rec kayak (it had a behemoth cockpit) and was able to load it on his car before I could dig out my camera. Too bad, it would have been a classic photo.

It was in the 70's (F), sun full out and water temps around 40. There was no pfd in site, and the young man, who was topless, wore cotton shorts. It just does not get any better than that. Oh well, I pushed off and was soon rewarded by the sighting of another rec paddler out for a spin. He looked like an older, more mature individual, and what attracted me was the upside down and backward way he held his paddle. I paddled ove,r as he turned to meet me, and asked if he didn't mind a suggestion.
He said he didn't, and that's when I noticed his open pfd and time-honored slouch paddling style. Any way, his name is Richard, and he is a friendly guy. He said he had heard of me and that I was supposed to be a tough teacher. (to the contrary, I am a pussy cat) I asked if I could take his picture and use it in this blog. He said fine.

So, while I missed my classic shot, I did meet a nice fellow. It was, after all, a fine day on the water for me.

Paddle safe...

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DaveO said...

We hauled a few of these folks out of the water on Thursday. The fact is that we need to put 100 rec boat paddlers into the funnel to trickle 2 or 3 serious paddlers out the other end. And that's fine. We ran into some guys putting in their dock on the Flowage last weekend. They asked about a boat for paddling around their little bay. I started to preach and then stopped and said, "12' rec boat from Cabelas".