Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Up In The Attic
As a kid, I loved going up into the attic of our old duplex to rummage through boxes of old clothes, toys and photographs. I still do. Thing is, I don't have an attic, not a real one anyway. What we have now is a space with insulation and no floor. But I do have a big trunk down in the basement, and there is lots of memorabilia in it. Thing is, they revolve mostly around my time in the military. So, now, I have to rummage through folders of pixels instead; but it still serves the same purpose.
Some bring back memories, and some are just interesting. They all, however, remind me of how quickly time is passing.
I could spend hours with my images, both those on the computer and the stacks of mounted 11x14 black and white prints in the basement. Just now, I have to leave to teach. The images will wait for me.

Paddle safe...


bollocks said...

Where was the sidewalk photo taken? It looks very familiar to me.

Silbs said...

Actually, it was taken out of a hotel window in Tel Aviv, Israel.

bollocks said...

Opposite the Sheraton perhaps? That's amazing. I think I have a mirror image of that photo, taken from my room at the Sheraton Tel Aviv in 2000. I haven't looked at that photo in forever, but I just dug it up and you can see the same damn sidewalk. I'll email it to you if you like. josh_bolick@yahoo.com