Friday, April 03, 2009

Hurry Up

This past Sunday I woke in Atlanta at 4:00 AM to make an early flight home. I got to the airport (already jammed) in plenty of time to wait 4 hours for the flight to actually take off. Oh, well.

North of here there is an old coal burning car ferry that crosses lake Michigan a number of times a day. I take it when I go to QAJAQ camp which is in northern Michigan. I drive a few hours north, always mindful of time, line up my car for loading and wait an hour before boarding and setting off.

This June a few of us will take the go-fast catamaran ferry out of Milwaukee so we can attend the Western Michigan Sea Kayak Symposium. I am sure there will be a wait, but the trip should go faster as the boat does 40 knots on flat water.

Just now, I am waiting for my virus to clear up so that I can hit the lake, hopefully soon. There is, however, another waiting going on as daughter #2 is about to go into labor. They say that all good things are worth waiting for, and it's all good.

They also say that all comes to he who waits, including senility.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

And the beautiful thing about the car ferry is you can stroll on, shoes on your feet, gigantic belt buckle and wrist watch, razor sharp Gerber folding pocket knife, and a liter of Bushmills in your shoulder bag. No Barney Fife from the TSA reminding you to have your ticket and boarding pass ready. Give thanks for the small victories.

Mine's said...

Your grand-daughter is already running on Jewish Standard Time...Late. I am going to try to go for a walk today. Keeping my fingers crossed.