Friday, April 24, 2009

Talking About

It was only a few weeks ago that I sent my first text message on a cellular phone. What a high. I suddenly felt as hip as a NASA scientist. I had conquered technology (and I never even took calculus in school). No longer was I some old guy who expected to see dials on phones. No sir. I was a new-ager with a computer and a cell phone and a digital camera. I could even do a few things in PhotoShop.Then #1 daughter sends me these pictures made by "bored" graphic artists, and I suddenly realized that while I was sending that first text message technology was continuing to out pace my knowledge and abilities. Oh well. It's all good, and my grandchildren will grow up with it all and understand stuff I never will.

It's supposed to get up to 80F today, and I just might go paddling in my kayak. I think I will use my high tech Greenland stick, just to make a point to, if no one else, my self.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

What's the world coming to? Silbs learns to send a text message . . . while I'm sure (i think) that there is no connection, it is a bit ironic that on the same day he announces this achievement that CNN is reporting that a man divorced his wife via text message and the divorce was upheld by a court! Now that's news worth reporting, don't cha think?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I love this post. just when older atronauts are telling gov't to relax on the Roswell stuff and give people the real info now that we are so "space savvy". Maybe we can handle it all now? Glad your pictures are back Silbs.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

"astronauts", gosh I wish I could spell like Derrick. lol. Age!

Silbs said...

Thanks, Stan. For a while there you did spell like Derrick :

So, John...does Oz have anything to worry about?