Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Feel Afraid

This isn't about kayaking or even water sports in general. This is about a bad feeling I have been having lately and cannot rationalize away. This is about a vague sense that history may be repeating itself, and not in a good way.

I was born before Pearl Harbor day and remember all the wars since then, including the cold war. I remember, too, the countries with dictators and the atrocities those "leaders" carried out. I remember the countries that were free and healthy only to fall to dictators and decay. Perhaps those memories wounded my psyche and made me over interpret things I see. Perhaps not.

Almost no one I know is aware of my political leanings, and I have never spoken to anyone about how I voted in the last election. But since the new administration has taken over, I have felt that something insidious may be in the offing. No, I am not normally paranoid nor do I see a conspiracy around every corner.

What I do see is a government stepping deeply into the offices of private enterprise in a way the founding Fathers had never envisioned. Were this not enough, it turns out that the homeland office people have a list of criteria of people who may need watching. In essence, this includes such dangerous individuals as disgruntled veterans and right leaning and out spoken people.

So far, no harm, no foul. But I hear ghosts of the past marching, and I remember how fast some unthinkable things happened in my life time. Some how, I find it hard to think about paddling just now.

Now, please, go back to what you were doing and wait for this to play itself out.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Interesting thoughts today! I feel quite the opposite, buoyed up and feeling optimistic by the new administration in Washington. I have a real sense that the world is backing off and relaxing, more ready to make a serious attempt at solving the problems that have been bugging us. It irks me I now have to have a passport to eat lunch in the US, but maybe that feeling too will pass. I'm ready to paddle!

JohnB said...

The insidious behavour of our government, including the Office of Homeland Security, started long before the new administration took office, even before the campaign started.

Like Michael, I feel, generally at least, pretty good about the direction things are headed. What I don't feel good about though is the way the economics are going. The greed in corporate America (and I suspect it's true in other countries too) is the real insidious behaviour that we should be outraged about.

How about those Navy Seals! They will protect the waters while we paddle.

Now, get out of the funk and go paddle--it's a beautiful day!!!

IowaAdmin said...

What JohnB said. The past 8 years have been awful for our nation and the world. We're on the right path to set things right.

DaveO said...

I'll admit to a bit of that 'frog in the water that keeps getting hotter' feeling. It always worries me when those in authority claim to know whats good for me. That being said, its 70F, the ice is off, and not much can dampen my paddling spirits. Pull on that tuliq, hit a nice cold water angel roll, and revel in a bit of carpe diem.

Silbs said...

Thanks for all the up beat thoughts. I guess we can all go paddling while whatever is going to happen happens...or, we could paddle and keep an eye on things.
It is Friday, and I am off to Seattle to lecture. I guess that's the left coast, the home of bad coffee.

JohnB said...

Stop at Caribou and take some good coffee with you!

Enjoy yourself out there, I did while just hanging out after the WMA instructor's training last fall. Enjoy your time with friends from med school!

Travel safe ;)