Thursday, March 18, 2010


For the second year in a row I got to be "ticket taker"  in the atrium, the open space atop the balcony where Canoecopia takes place. It meant seeing a lot of fine speakers and teachers including Ben Lawry who I think is incredibly innovative. You have likely seen him demonstrate his on land rolling technique. This time he was doing the 4 Ps of paddling (I'll never tell).
In any event, I decided to apply some of that info today when I went out for a paddle. I ended up moving my foot pegs 2 stops further away, and I felt I had a much better forward stroke with more rotation. Of course, there was a gap between my thighs and the braces, but that can be remedied with some padding. Good stuff. Good teacher.

Off to Dallas tomorrow to lecture. Hope to post next Monday.

Paddle safe...

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JohnB said...

I enjoy Ben as well. I picked up his most recent DVD and started watching it over coffee at the local Caribou yesterday at my mid-day break. I thought it was very good, and quite thorough. A must have in my book!

Travel safe!