Wednesday, March 24, 2010

 Lightening Up
Faces and Sights
There have been some heavy discussions and responses of late, especially to the question on speed v. length of water line. BTW: to follow up on yesterday's post, I went out with the Cetus with a Greenland paddle and never experienced an easier or faster paddle.That narrow beam ahead of the hips is made for a traditional stroke. Better than a SOF...but I digress. Here are some things that I found of note, interesting or just eye-catching at the big show: First, the testers...
And, some faces you will recognize (and some you won't):
Hint: He is an instructor from Wisconsin
Sam (Marquette, MI)

Hint: Another Wisconsin instructor

And, finally (for today, at least), the most beautiful face I never saw.

Paddle safe...

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