Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do You Know This Man?
(take another look)
Other than the facts that he was tall and wearing a kilt, I didn't take notice of this fellow, although I had met him before and own some of his DVDs. It wasn't until he sat down in the University of Seakayaking booth that I reasoned, it must beWayne Horodowich. And it was.

I reintroduced myself and asked what had happened to change his appearance.He explained (remember, he has a backround in exercise physiology, but I digress) that about a year ago he decided to lose 90 pounds. Using an i phone app that keeps track of his caloric intake, he exercised and lost about 2 pounds each week up until he reached his goal. Incredible.

He states that he feels great and is never hungry (he does drink Diet Dr. Pepper, but I digress...again).

Just one of the interesting things I came across at Canoecopia.

Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

Nice talking to you Sunday at breakfast. Wanted to tell you I looked at my camera's instructions and it has a histogram :)
Now off to Cancun.
Take care,

JohnB said...

Ah, a real man read the instructions. What's the world coming too?

Silbs said...

Steve, I expect to see some great photos from you and that camera.

Gee, John, think he is on to something here?