Friday, March 05, 2010

I Joined Linda in Floridaxx
To relax and enjoy warm weather. But I forgot to bring my
fleece and cag.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

It's a beautiful day here (Milwaukee, aka home) today--bright blue sky, upper 30's, but feels like 60 -- keeping with my 60 is the new 30 theme ;-) Hmmmm. . . when I was 30 did I feel like I was 60? Now that I'm 60.5, I still feel like I'm 30 !

40's tomorrow!!! And, rain and snow next week (after your return) LOL!!! Enjoy your mini vacation.

Carri Wasserberg said...

This is not a good picture. Not at all.


Silbs said...

JB Warmed up here and we are in light jackets. So there.

Carri: Of course it is a lousy picture...your mother took it.