Tuesday, April 05, 2011

In Limbo
I have sold my Cetus, and it is on its way to Ct. My new MV is in Ashville. The truck is expected to come to this area in the next few weeks. In the mean time I have been paddling my trusty  old Romany, but for some reason have been uncomfortable in it.

I suspect it is the back band adjustment + the feeling that the front of the seat is higher than what I have been using. In any event, if I am going to paddle in the next few weeks I need to sort that out.

I have acquired sheets of 3M ScotchGuard tm which I plan to apply to the deck of the MV when it arrives. I will need to install a compass and will likely put in an electric bilge pump. For now, however, all I can do is wait.

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

Electric bilge pump? nice
For a simple install that does not need a switch there is the Whale Supersub Smart 650 that looks promising. If however the automatic pump is not your styel (it is not mine) than I think the Rule500 with a magnetic switch is hard to beat. Mine have worked so well for so many years. Shoot me an email when you are ready tot do the drilling and maybe I can help you avoid a few mistakes that I have done myself throughout the years

Alan said...

How much does the electric bilge pump weigh? Since you're going to electrify you kayak, skip the compass and install a GPS system and radar.

Silbs said...

As I have little time to do the work, and even less talent, I am likely to go with a kit.
The weight should not be an issue since folks are always adding ballast.
The hardest part is to find an extension cord that reaches to shore.

JohnB said...

solar panels instead of that 3M stuff on your deck.

A N T I C I P A T I O N ! ! !

derrick said...

I love your old Romany. :)

Silbs said...

Gnarly, I will ask for advise before drilling....thanks.

Solar panels work best if I never go over...in which case who needs the pump :-)

Derrick, dost tho covet my vessel?