Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Old and the New
   Yesterday, P & H delivered my new Cetus MV to Rutabaga in Madison. I was on my way to Lake Michigan when the Boss (Nancy) rang my cell to announce the new arrival. I made a U turn, and you can see a so-so photo of my old Romany with the Cetus in the fore ground. It looks blue, but the deck is actually black. I know, I know. It will show scratches. I plan, however, to put a protective film over the deck before really using it.
   First impression: Quality of construction: Duh, It's a P&H. All hatches were dry (I did paddle on the pond). The skeg deploys wonderfully  and there is little resistance when bringing it back up. Once in the boat, it is obvious that it is an inch narrower than the big version I just sold. It makes for less wet surface to push around. The trade off is loss of a little of that rock solid initial stability.
   As I get the boat prepped I will have more posts.

Paddle safe...


avital said...

paddle safe
looks great!!!!!

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Ron said...

I have a black Explorer, and yes it does show the scratches. I found that keeping a coat of UV protectant on it helps. The new boat looks Great!! Enjoy!