Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not a Bad Weekend.
   I flew to Washington DC on Friday and spent time and dinner with my grand son, daughter and son in law. I had a chance to see where they are living and time to play with JoeJoe (I absolutely creamed him in a pillow fight). 
   Saturday I gave my  6.5 credit cardiology  seminar, and I thought it went well. Afterward, the three of them  picked me up and we went out for dinner and ice cream. Turned out the ice cream place is owned by a fellow from Wisconsin. The ice cream was good. There was a chair which had written on its sear, "Present Obama sat here."
   Today I was up at 4 am (3 am Milwaukee time) and home before 10 am. then Lady Linda, her mom and a dear friend of ours drove down to Illinois for the 2nd birthday of our granddaughter. There was good food, lots of joking, presents and, of course, grandma's famous chocolate cake.
   It is now almost 8:30 pm on Sunday, and I don't understand why I am not in a coma. Still, I am going to head to bed early and fall asleep counting my blessings.

Paddle safe...


Alan said...

Wow, a weekend of family, travel, teaching, expatriate WI ice cream; it sounds like a full life even without paddling.

Joe-Joe said...

Come again soon, Papa!