Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have inflammation of the saddle joints of both thumbs. I have to believe it is from paddling. I am wearing splints (on and off) that immobilize that joint. I took them off today because I just had to paddle.

I moved the shims (means something different here, Gnarly) under the front edge of the seat in my Romany. Much better. With little time available, I took to the river near my house. There is high water just now, and the current was easily 5+knots with a 20mph wind in my face to boot. Needless to say, I got my exercise in just fine. Admittedly, there were stops along the way to catch my breath and check for chest pain. Now my thumbs really hurt.

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

Silbs, I am not that familiar with the term "shim" so I looked it up:
Definition #5 seems to be of US and A origin...
Not sure which one you were referring to :-)

Silbs said...

1. Here, a shim is a wedge of wood shaped like a door stop. It can be wedged under the leg of a table that is too short.
1. #1 was what I was told it meant in your country when I was there. I used the term as above only to receive a dirty look fromthe waitress. It = she + him, a transvestite.