Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Behavioral Therapy
in pursuit of the well-behaved hull

Talked with Brian Day (via e mail) at P&H, and he felt that the Cetus MV hull was neutral. I kept that in mind as I spent 4 hours (yesterday) on the river as safety boater for paddle fest. I put a few pounds of Carl's weights  up near the bow and things behaved well. He and Sherri noted that the boat floated low enough to indicate that no additional weight was needed. Then came today.

I was just out in various conditions. I started inside the break wall with my usual kit in the day hatch and no additional ballasting. It was blowing 10+mph from the NE with some rippling in the water. THE MV SLOWLY POINTED TO THE WIND. It behaved like a non-psychotic hull should behave. I could paddle on all points of the wind without a skeg, and she responded beautifully to sweep strokes. So...I went outside.

There the wind was easily 15+mph and, more importantly, there were chops and waves up to two feet. At times everything in front of the cockpit was up out of the water AND THE BOW DIDN'T BLOW OFF. It went to windward nicely, turned when asked and surfed a bit with no tendency to broach (skeg was then down).

I don't know what happened and why the change in behavior. All I know is that I liked the way the MV handled today and that I was comfortable out in the chaotic stuff we get near the break wall. If someone has switched boats when I was asleep, I promise not to press charges. Now we will wait and see what happens when I drop the 20 pounds of ballast I've been carrying around my waist.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Guess it depends where you drop that 20 pounds.

Silbs said...

:-) I can't top that one.