Friday, May 06, 2011

My newest bestest friend

I took the Cetus MV out onto Lake Michigan just now. It was blowing 15-20K with lots of calapotis waves and slop. She handled like a dream. A tad less stable than her big brother but no tendency to weather cock?? It sits lower in the water as is is narrower and I weight it down more. I will try a little weight in the forward hatch next time. I tested out the skeb but, to tell the truth, there was no need for one. Not even going directly down wind.

Went through all the strokes effortlessly. With a hanging draw, she slides sideways as if on ice. Acceleration is good and the cockpit comfy.

She surfed without asking permission, and it was effortless to maintain a good pace. Almost did some rolling, but the air was relatively warm while the water is still in low 40's F.

Next free day with lousy weather will be time to install compass.

Paddle safe...


Alan said...

She's gorgeous with a black deck, gray hull a red racing stripe along the side. This kayak is more of a dolphin and less of a whale.

RoyM said...

NICE....sounds like You've found a good friend
Best Wishes

gnarlydog said...

I am glad that the Cetus MV fits you better and performs like you desired. Would this be a kayak "does-it-all" for you? how low is the rear deck at the cockpit? can you comfortably do lay-backs?
I am very curious if this could be an all rounder kayak for a keen paddler. There aren't many P&H in my side of the pond...

Darren said...

No kayak does it all, gnarlydog. Otherwise he would only have one. :-)

But the Cetus is close... ;-)

Silbs said...

Thanks, all. Gnarly, I riolled the boat last year and found it rolled as easily as a Romany. One can lay fairly well back, but not likely right onto the deck. On the other hand, I don't finish flat on the deck in my SOF.

Now to install the compass and pump.