Saturday, May 07, 2011

So far, So goodGot out alone under gray skies and a north wind of 15-20K. Paddled into it to the state park at the north end of the harbor. This time I had a tad of weight in the forward hatch. No problems.

On the way back I had 2 foot seas quartering behind the port beam. Just a bit of skeg made for a terrific ride with waves, at times,  coming in several directions. The boat wanted to surf but the troughs were to narrow and I would run up onto the wave in front. It was a joyous ride. No bracing needed. So far, so good.

Paddle safe...


RussJ said...

I can't help but to think that you just might spend too much time looking for faults in your equipment.

Every boat has it's faults and it's up to the paddler learn how to best deal with them. Taking on the challenge makes one a better paddler.

Silbs said...

No worries. I am enjoying the boat and just commenting on it. Like you say, they all have their faults and I want to know which one this boat has so I can be prepared. I am totally happy with it.