Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now
I don't remember what I thought it would be like, but as I rush toward age 66 I continue to find that the good things in life are pretty simple to list. Finding them? I can't tell you how. In fact, I am beginning to think that they find us. How they do that is one of the delicious mysteries of the Universe, and I don't need to know in order to feel complete.
Some folks (ever see The Secret?...but I digress) believe that you receive the energy back that you put out. As this idea goes, if you put out honesty and love, you will receive those two in return. The theory, I guess, is that it prepares you to "detect" those energies that are already there.
Others will tell us that our souls reincarnate in different bodies/lives to learn lessons. Some think a good life is a pay back for having suffered in a previous existence. If they are correct, my last time around must have been hell on earth, because this time has been blessed with everything I could ever want.
Among those blessings have been good family, good teachers and good friends. So, when I asked the gentleman at the next table to snap this picture of Derrick, JB and myself, I didn't know that the Universe was conspiring to give me a precious memoir of good times with good friends.
(l-r: Silbs, Derrick, JB)
Paddle safe...

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JohnB said...

What!!! A half-a-day and no one has left a comment about we three . . . ???

A three day weekend, and I had the pleasure, and honour, of two days of kayaking, coffee, conversation, and camaraderie!!! Doesn't get much better in my book.