Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You are As Old
As You Are
In a recent personal posting, a friend was opining the approach of his 41st birthday while expressing concern that he would soon get too old to hike, paddle and do whatever other gymnastic feats he does. Rubbish. That's what I told him. To worry about such a thing is self defeating, in my judgment.
I told him that time was a man-made invention that was developed so that we would be on the same street corner at the same "time". It is a chronological indicator of relativity and, often, does not correlate with one's physiology. Let me share just one observation that has stood the test of...of...er...well, "time".
As we get "older" (there's that time thing, again...but I digress), our highest achievable heart rate falls. That is, a younger person's heart can go faster than an older person's heart. So, there are charts that estimate your maximum heart rate based on age. Some doctors use this in the stress lab (I never did, and there is not time here to explain all that...yes, another digression). When a patient would come for a stress test, the nurse and I would guess their ages by they way they looked. The maximum heart rates that they would achieve would always correlate with our assessment more than with their chronological age. You do look as old as you are...physiologically.
More over, I noticed that these younger looking individuals seemed to "behave" at their apparent age level. So, if you go sit in a chair and think you are too old to be in the game, you probably are. Stop thinking about it, and get on with life. (I do, or I'd be too scared to go to bed).
Oh, the guy on the board was captured on the river this weekend during paddle fest. His age? I have no idea.
Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Thanks ol' mate!!!

My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!

Silbs said...

Who you calling "ol' " :)

Ron said...

We had people paddling one of those surf boards around the Midwest Mountaineering boat demo .. I was a safety boater there, and was convinced someone was going to end up in the drink while paddling it. It never happend.

DaveO said...

My lady friends (The VOR) father, a man who has skied the entire Worldloppet XC ski race circuit, had two toes removed at age 78. Poor circulation from freezing said toes a number of times in various winter activities. His first comment when I saw him after surgery was. "Take a look and see if a ski boot will still fit on that thing". THAT is a good attitude toward aging.

bonnie said...

2 words for your friend...