Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Unguarded Moment
(What's in your closet?)
Greg and I were sitting in my back room (the messy one...but I digress) watching the Dubside DVD on rolling. Amazed by how the man in black seemed to be able to roll everything from a skin on frame to an El Dorado Cadillac, I felt relaxed. For the moment, life was perfect. Then Greg turned his little eyes toward the open closet behind us, and he discovered my long held secret.I swear, it's for the anatomy and physiology course I teach.
Paddle safe...


Alex said...

lol, you literally have skeletons in your closet.

as for dubsides dvd, i haven't watched it since my initial screening. i should go back and watch it again. i'm still waiting for volume 2!

DaveO said...

I actually own a Big Kahuna which is the craft that Dubside perfected his roll in. That boat with its beam and inflatable sponsons is a chore to roll. I was impressed with that but when he rolled the big tub of a sit on top I was amazed.