Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mixed Bag Today
A little of this...a little of that

First time in years, but I have a head cold. Some invisible, microscopic virus has turned me into a very efficient snot machine. Buy stock in Kleenex. Maybe now I will shed those 10 pounds I've been trying to lose. Meanwhile, I have a great raspy voice that would go over big on radio.

Gave a private lesson yesterday, and what a joy. Teaching is my passion, and a coordinated, quick learning student is heaven. Andy is a physical therapist with a PhD. in engineering. Enough said?

Derrick has arrived safely in the Mother Land and reports that he is "hanging out". I swear, his words. I suspect an arrest will take place soon :)

It is official, spring has been reported as being over due and missing. It is cloudy and drizzling. I wore a dry suit for the lesson yesterday and was quite comfortable doing the rescues. The first week in May is almost gone and the only thing that has happened on schedule is the dance around the May pole (don't they do that in Russia?)

The Shadow goes with me (and JB) to Madison tomorrow where I plan to leave it for sale on consignment. It is like letting go of a family member as it was my first boat.

Now, I have to go and ponder whether I take some whiskey to fight the cold and raise my HDl cholesterol or I keep all of my cerebral cortex from shrinking faster than it already is.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

Shot of whiskey (I like Bushmills), dollop of honey, squeeze of lemon juice, and a pat of butter. Add boiling water, inhale the fine aroma for awhile, and then drink it. Beats the hell out of Nyquil

Silbs said...

Sure, On one hand, it just might cure me. On the other (if it doesn't), I won't care :0