Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doctor's Excuse
I am a Doctor. I am "abandoning" my family and running away from home to play. Here is my excuse.
I need to be immersed (no pun intended...right) in the outdoors, kayaking and teaching people eager to learn. I need/want to be free of the day-to-day worldly experiences of life and focus on one place, one group and one goal. I need to have time to make idle talk, to sit by myself and to wander and photograph stuff. I need to be around a lot of positive energy. I need to be around healthy young people and watch them do their thing. I need to hang with my older (hopefully mature...but I digress) colleagues and chat about what ever. is the day. JB will arrive later with his van (and, hopefully, a huge U-Haul trailer), and we will head north for about 10 days. In addition to a few basics and the kitchen sink, I have taken cameras and a lap top. If and when I can, I will post...if it is worth posting...and if it won't give me a sense of needing to hurry to get it done. Mean while, you all take care, be well and enjoy life along with me. See ya'.
Paddle safe...

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