Thursday, July 05, 2007

Y'All Come Down
Now is the best time to visit us in Milwaukee. Most of the ice is off the lake, and the big gig is on. Summerfest is a lake front celebration of rock, beer and vomitus. I remember when it began 40 years ago and featured excellent jazz. Still, it is a happening. If you miss it, you can still make Polishfest, German/Irish/Mexican/Asian and/or Italian celebrations, most a week long. Stay all summer and get stuffed in several different languages. In any event, you can see what is cooking on our lake front.
On the fourth of July, Greg and Jennifer and I launched at south shore and paddled north. Above, you can see them entering the summerfest area.The white building complex is Discovery World and well worth a visit. You can also make out the Dennis Sullivan, a schooner built right here.A U-turn to the left heads us south and under the foot bridge to a lagoon created by an island on the left and the summerfest grounds on shore. The island was created by an accumulation of dredges from the river (I think) and has recently become our newest State Park. There are slips for yachts out since (they cannot get under the bridge...but I digress). There is a path for walking, jogging and bicycling. But best of all is what you see half way in and to the left... A KAYAK BEACH. There is car access to the general area so one can drop off their boat, then park the car. I believe camping will also be allowed.
So, y'all come down here and paddle with us...and help boost the economy.
Paddle safe...


derrick said...

sounds like a party!!!!!!!!!!!!

JohnB said...

Actually, the "island" is made from the rock taken from the deep tunnel project. Not sure how close one will be able to get to off load a kayak though. And, the camping, it is "camping" for th yachties onboard their vessels, not kayak (open air)kayaking.

But the beach is a nice stopping point for lunch and eavesdropping on the happenings at the fest grounds.

Silbs said...

Thanks for that info, JB. I do recall that now. And, Derrick, it is a summer-long party. After all, we're talking big ain't in Baraboo, Dorthy :))