Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Those of you who regularly scan blogs or follow paddling in general will recognize the name Wendy Killoran. A Canadian, she has, among other things, circumnavigated New Foundland. Wendy is a school teacher who smiles easily and laughs often. She is able to poke fun at herself and is a delightful person with whom to talk.
At Grand Marais, she gave a wonderful talk about her circumnavigation and provided soulful images that indicated, at least to me, an empathic individual with artistic skills. She does not put her self out as the world's greatest paddler but is, rather, modest about her abilities and states she chooses her conditions carefully.
Now, it is no secret to most of us that there was a recent incident involving Wendy first going, then not going, on a circumnavigation around Puerto Rico with Derrick Mayoleth. There was, at the time, lots of opinions on how things were handled with criticisms handed out in all directions. Lots of folks (me included, I am sorry to say...but I digress) butted in with opinions although they did not know both parties well and really did not know what the hell had really happened.

The facts of what ever happened back then have been blurred by emotions, hurts, judgments and selective memories all around. All I can say is that Derrick is a friend and, now that I have met her, so is Wendy. Frankly, it is unimportant to me what happened. Enough (for me) to say that there were misunderstandings and that feelings were hurt. I want to believe that no one involved had intentionally caused another pain. It happened, it was unfortunate and it is in the past.

For my part, I now have two friends in paddling, each with unique talents and personalities. I look forward to hearing about both their future doings. I look forward to seeing and, hopefully, paddling with each of them in the not too distant future.
We paddlers of kayaks are part of a small and unique community of decent souls. We need each other too much to put our little family at risk. There is much to be done, lots to learn and just so much time allotted each of us in which to do it. I am looking forward to doing it together.

Paddle safe...


RoyM said...

Well spoken.

Hope to see you at Training camp. There are things we never had time to work on at the GLSKS.

At Mich Training camp, we will be better able to take some time.

Best Wishes

Ron said...

I couldn't agree with you more on our small community of paddlers. I also am a regular visitor on Wendys site, and look forward to her photography, and reading her posts.

DaveO said...

Agreed gents. I got off on the wrong foot with Wendy when, not knowing who she was, I offered to steady her boat when she climbed in at the post Canoecopia Baraboo pool session. "I've done this before" she sez. In our own little area for some reason we have two paddle clubs devoted to kayak touring. Likely some Great Schism several years ago. We paddlers to have to stick together!

Silbs said...

Right on daveo. The Milwaukee (Yahoo) group is really not an organized group. All our get togethers are informal. I admire the NE paddlers for their devotion to education and furthering the sport. BTW, your gesture to help Wendy was well intended, and I am sure that she appreciated that.

Wendy Killoran said...

Well said Dick. I appreciated our conversations at the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. I try in no way to create controversy...but somehow, it happens. It would be my pleasure to paddle with you in the future.

I too don't fully understand the "split" but it really is unimportant. When one door closes, another door opens. I too have my future plans. Chasing the Ana was Derrick's "baby". Although I would have appreciated a phone call, I found closure in the situation by writing him about a month after the separation. He wished me well as I did him. In the future, if Derrick and I cross paths, I hope that it will be amicable.

Silbs said...

Well said on your part, Wendy. So, it is official :) It is done, and we all move on . Hurrah.