Saturday, July 07, 2007

In Limbo
(limbo...a dance invented by a cheapskate trying to get into a pay toilette)
I hate the few days before something (hopefully) good is to take place. It's been like that for me ever since childhood (not that my childhood has ever know). I am waiting for a call from JB to see where we will paddle today. Mean while, lists of "things to do before the trip" lay around and ignored. At least I made a list. Yep, Wednesday is get away day and the beginning of this summer's main adventure (as far as kayaking goes...but I digress).
It looks like I will be teaching fundamentals and leading a few trips in Door County (a week from now!). I am also looking forward to, for the first time, teaching the kiddies. It will be fun adapting to their attention span (longer than mine) and my desire to make the experience a good one for them (and for me). The trips are ones I've not led before, so (weather permitting) that should be fun. I will also be giving my sarcastic, non-scientific and highly useful weather lecture during a noon brown bag session.
I am less clear about what I will be doing at Grand Marais happening a week later. From the outline I've seen, it should also be a good one. Best of all, I will be meeting new and old friends and learning from them all. The total icing on the cake will be the time 'tween the weekends when JB and I amuse Mother Nature with our tripping, tipping and paddling.
I hope all of you have at least a little something planned for the summer, especially those of you who live in the colder climates. In fact, I wouldn't mind hearing about them. I just might get some good ideas for next year.
Paddle safe...


Alex said...

So you're doing the Door County and Great Lakes back-to-back symposium marathon again? I'm impressed! I don't know if I could do that. Usually after a symposium, I'm pretty wiped out and need a few days to rest and recover.

Hopefully next year I'll be able to find a few more vacation days and join you for one of those symposiums particularly since the Inland Sea isn't happening next year.

Silbs said...

JB and I will, hopefully, get some down time in camp. And...why no inland symposium next year?

JohnB said...

After putting in a marathon working weekend (from 0800 Friday to 0800 today - Monday I logged 43.5 hours of work), I'm looking forward to the tt&p time too!

Now for the hard part--where did I put my lists?

Michael said...

Hey Silbs, I've found an internet cafe with hi-speed wifi in Newfoundland so threw up a post! Having a great time, wish you were here, etc...

Alex said...

Gail and company need a well deserved break so the Inland Sea Kayak Symposium will henceforth run every other year. I had a blast at this year's event so I'm a bit bummed since it was the symposium that was geographically the closest to me but it definitely is something to look forward to in 2009.

Silbs said...

Thanks guys.
JB: You can still get in about 50 hours before we leave :)
Thanks for info Alex.
Michael, I'm going to your site right now to get my fix.