Monday, July 23, 2007

Quick Check In

So, after 10 days with JB, what do I do the first day back? I meet JB for coffee, of course. It was a great trip, although I am stiff from the ride home (about 7 hours). We drove (JB did ALL the driving...but I digress) over 1100 miles. I enjoyed so many things about this trip, not the least of which was his company.

I have pics on my lap top that need to be edited. I also have piles of stinky gear that needs rinsing and hanging out to dry. I did one load of laundry last evening and do not understand how all those clothes can be clean and still have the kayak smell.

In any event, I need today to care of my kit. I will Begin sharing photos, stories and experiences, as well as my never-in-short-supply opinions starting tomorrow.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Looking forward to reading about your trip! On the subject of 'paddler's perfume' however, my 6 week trip seems to have pushed the limits a good distance further out on the known scale! My car could be a write-off unless there's some magic cure out there... LOL


DaveO said...

Nothing like that end of the trip aroma. Something about neoprene that tends to stick in your olfactory memory bank. Had a bit of a taste after our 6 dayer. Can't imagine 6 weeks.....but would certainly like to!

Silbs said...

It's not the neoprene but, rather,the base poly stuff that holds the odor????

JohnB said...

Mine is still good for a few more days, and I haven't washed it yet.

I only wear Patagonia's capilene and Mountain Hardwear's wicking (poly) t-shirts as base layers, I don't recall ever having an odor problem--of course those that travel with me may differ. My shoes are another issue though!

Ron said...

I'm usually pretty ok with the nepoprene ... it's the base layers under a drysuit that get pretty bad after a week or so. I would think 6 weeks would definatly push the limits!