Monday, July 09, 2007

Navigating: Life

I write this blog, such as it is, because of my love of the written world. It serves, as well, for a substitute for talking to myself. I do not plan what I write and do not know what I will say until I sit and type. Sometimes a photo gets me going, sometimes it is one of the many fine blogs I read each day. Sometimes it is a recent experience. In any event, I am aware that lately my postings have been thin, somewhat aimless and often less than inspiring.

This is in part due to not wanting to plow over old ground. It is also due to the fact that I have not been doing much photography lately, a practice that stimulates my creative juices. It is also, in large part, due to where I am in life; and I am in a wonderful place.

I mentor several graduates of my old high school as I serve on the Alumni Foundation. I am in men's work and often am called on to resolve conflicts, conduct clearings between men, conduct spiritual sweat lodges and to be a grandfather to a man. I have two daughters who seem, in a new way, to need me as much as ever. Last, and by no means least, I have a grandson who I want to watch grow up, for whom I want to be available to lend a hand or a thought and for whom I want a safe world. I am also at the place in life where my ego seems to be as well under control as I could hope for in this life. I don't need to be seen, although I love to hear from you all.

So, I find myself, more and more, just letting things happen and not worrying about making them happen. I find it more meaningful and important to do what I am called to do rather than what I think I should do ("shoulds" are pretty much gone, as well...but I digress).

I am anticipating the upcoming mini trip with my good friend and mentor, JB. I hope that between the weekends, during which we will be staffing symposiums, I will find some time to sit and stare. If I do, and if in doing so I have new insights and creative thoughts, I look forward to sharing those with you on these pages.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

Well put. Its great to be in a good place. We enjoy the rambling, the spontaneous thoughts, and, of course, the digressions. Keep up the yeomans work!

Silbs said...

Thanks. I appreciate it.