Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bad Rehearsal...
Good show

I took the canvas SOF to the pool last night. I used the usual Greenland stick. I also tried one of Doug's Impex boats (I cannot spell those names...but I digress). I did some rolling in both. It wasn't a good night as everything I did felt like crap.

I felt like I was muscling the boat and using much too much paddle and not enough hip. My muscles were protesting even though they hadn't done much. There was no sense of accomplishment.

This morning my traps ache, it is 26F with a promise of 32. The sun isn't quite up or is hiding in the clouds, and I am debating if I want to make the group paddle scheduled about 3 hours from now. I am going to get the morning paper (I read the funnies and the editorials and can't tell them apart), have something to eat and then decide whether or not to shlep the equipment out of the garage. I do know that, should I go, I will be taking the Romany and a Euro paddle. I would be going mainly to see if last night got the gremlins out of my system.

Paddle safe...


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