Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clean Up The Pole...
Ready The Soul

Sometimes you just have to believe. In this instance, I have to believe that winter has just about run its course and that spring weather will happen sooner than later. Using that thought in lieu of antidepressants and expensive cruises, I will now adjust my mind set and prepare for the inevitable and wonderful weather that is just around the corner. I will prepare my soul for the new season just as the road workers will prepare this winter-battered pole. I declare today the first day of the rest of my strife (you may groan here).

So, first the pole will require some scraping and sanding. Workers will be preparing the tools they will need to get the pole back as close to new as they can. I, on the other hand, need to get the mental tools ready along with my kit. Step one for me, go to Canoecopia this weekend. Hang with JB, Derrick and some of the other bloggers who have said they will be there. Buy something, anything, to get the blood and cash flowing toward paddling. My mind, I realize, may be my best tool for the job, so this ain't going to be easy.

Next, they will paint that pole, and I will clean up the boats that haven't been used very much lately. I need to tighten the deck lines on the Romany and get the canvas SOF rinsed with a weak bleach solution...unless, of course, I take it to the last pool session.

OK, so the analogy is weak (as is the writing this morning), but it is all I have to keep me afloat until I can float my boat.

Paddle safe...


Ron said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Canoecopia. I need to make some plans for Door County this year too.

JohnB said...

To help us prepare for Spring and all its glory, I've packed 2 bottles of Irish Whisky (one blended, one single malt) as well as a single malt Scotch.

Add to that my coffee maker, clean socks and clean underwear (not all in the same kit bag, but all part of the kit none-the-less).

It's almost time to load and go to Canoecopia!!!

Oh, and we spring the clocks ahead, so Spring is almost here!!!!

Douglas Wilcox said...

Good grief, the luck of you guys, having an off season to get everything ready! My poor old dry suit hardly has a chance to dry out. My oh my!