Friday, March 21, 2008

Maybe Next Tuesday
What A Difference a Day Makes

It's the old and corny thing you always hear around here about how, last year, summer was on a Tuesday. Well, that ain't so funny anymore. We had the first day of spring (according to the calendars, meteorologists and psychics). I even saw a deranged robin in the bush behind the house. What was he (or she) thinking? Yesterday saw temps in the 40'sF, and the sun shone brightly. It is now 12 hours later.

The big blue spot on the radar is converging over our little area in the Midwest. Snow has already dusted my driveway (and the Blazer that lives on the street). They tell us we could get another 15 inches of snow and that there may even be "thunder snow" later today. Well kiss my snow blower.

My two days of paddling this week were like giving a hemorrhaging patient a transfusion of blood from a patient with anemia. It helped, but it wasn't nearly enough. So now, all of us in these parts (all of us who paddle...but I digress) have to get out the phone list and arrange yet another meeting of the local Summer will Happen In Time support group...and, it better.

Paddle safe...



Kristen said...

Hang in there, Silbs. You know that S.H.I.T. will happen. (Sorry, couldn't resist it!)

derrick said...

Funny I was just thinking the same thing. I was going through photos for my blog and saw the last bit of ice still floating on my local lake in some pics from april 5, 04. . wonder how soon this year!?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Well I can surely sympathize with you both. The weather here in NFLD is about on par with your own this year. We have much from the last dumping and more on the way. Spring is not sprung here. Hope the ice is gone before Greg gets here. Ha.

bonnie said...

Come look at springy things! I posted it for the poor snowbound CKayaker - it's coming, really it is!

(however maybe I will not start planting things just yet!)

R said...

I can handle the snow.. it's much easier to drag a kayak across snow to the water than it is to carry it.