Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Too Shall Pass
It actually started before Sunday when I got out to paddle with Bob, and everything since then has fed it. After paddling, Doug showed up with maps and literature he had gathered at Canoecopia. At coffee the other day, JB spread out maps of the Upper Peninsula, and we began to ponder where we might camp and paddle between symposiums. Camp sites are being reserved, and groups are making plans.

Spring is coming...in reality, not just on the calendar. Warmth will happen. Mother Nature will do it all over, and she will do it all over us. I (you, we) have gotta' believe. It's what keeps us going as the last tenacious days of winter try one last time to tear out our souls and freeze our butts.

Soon, it will be warm and, with no freezing temps to bitch about, and I will begin to worry about how fast the summer is going.

Paddle safe...


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