Friday, March 14, 2008

Cookies Too!
During the time our two daughters were growing up our house was always full of kids. We were, it seemed, one of the few homes where there was always an adult. In fact, there were usually two.In spite of my medical practice, I practically never missed dinner with the family (on the other hand, I was often gone most of the nights...but I digress).

Some of the children would sit and tell me about their day and what they had done in school. One or two began addressing me as "Dad" which was both flatterring and disconcerning. It told me that some of the other parents in the area were not home as much as their children would have liked them to be. I hope that by Lady Linda and I sort of filling in that we provided a good model of family life.

In any event, I once again had the fun of experiencing the energy of a group of young ladies as the Girl Scouts' cookie table was next to our symposium desk.Full of delightful energy, and in constant motion, their exuberance made the long hours on my feet more tolerable. The groups had short shifts, so we got to see a lot of them. I did note that there was always a few moms there to supervise these happy young people. On another note, I believe they sold a lot of cookies. I know that I saw them eating their share. Youth, is it wasted on the young?

Paddle safe...

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Alex said...

Samoas are my kryptonite. Keep those little girls and their devil cookies away from me!