Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sam Crowley
Sam has long been known to us around here as the ACA examiner of instructor candidates. He was the lead on the team (often with JB) that took many of us through IDW and ICE. From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Sam is a partner in Sea Kayak Specialists in Marquette, Michigan and frequents Lake Superior.
He is now famous, of course, for his circumnavigation of Ireland during which he sampled the wares of many a pub. At the recent Canoecopia, Sam gave one of the most informative, entertaining and engaging presentations I have ever attended. His wonderful humor (delivered with the timing that is the envy of late night talk show hosts) and his power point presentation kept held our attention throughout the all too short hour.

Using maps and images he took along the way, he related bits history, geography, seamanship, navigation and an intimate look into the people of the land.

If you missed it, I am sorry. I do hope we will be seeing more of him in this role. Truly a talented man, in many ways.

Paddle safe...

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Ron said...

I followed Sams Ireland trip through his blog, and the opportunity to hear his presentation was to good to miss. I thought it was well done, I really enjoyed it.