Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Making Choices at
The Candy Store
When I was a ham radio operator, we referred to the store that sold all the neat radio stuff as the candy store. For kayakers, one of our candy stores is the weekend symposium, and one of the "problems" with kayak symposiums is the overwhelming array of choices they offer for the new paddler to sort out. When we don't know what we don't know and don't know what we need to know next, it can be hard to make a schedule from the menu of classes and trips. Unfortunately, not all get all that can be gotten from the weekend. (Derrick Mayoleth
famous blogger and paddler)
Take this young man, for example. He cannot decide if he needs lessons from a traditional paddler or a wardrobe consultant.
(Derrick's son, Gryphon)
Other, more competent and sophisticated paddlers, have to choose between advanced rescue and rolling classes. The important thing is to use the weekend and do all you can and be all you can be. You'll know you've done this when you feel the pleasant feeling of exhaustion that comes with having used the weekend to the fullest.
Paddle safe...


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