Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Ultimate Video

Every once in a while someone catches history on film, tape or video. Winston Churchill giving his "V" sign with his fingers. The first man to step on the moon. A crime caught on a store's security camera, and so on. Throughout modern times these slices of life have made indelible impressions on our mind and have given us a different and unique perspective on history and, sometimes, life itself.

We live in an age where amazing things go on. The technology is overwhelming to some of us senior citizens. I can still remember our first rotary dial phone (don't worry if you don't know what the hell that is or was). For those of us connected to paddling, we have seen new materials and witnessed events recorded with water proof cameras. One has to wonder what could come along that would amaze us like that again.

Well, here it is. He is my grandson. Remember as you watch this that you are witnessing history, something never seen before. Forget ab
out kayaks for a moment, this is more important.
Remember your first roll?

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...


steve said...

its about ime to get him his first kiddy kayak

Anonymous said...

omg...i read your posts from today and from the beautiful and touching and blessed! to have your grandson on film will pleasure you for your life here! the photos are unbelievable. i am always pleased when i visit your blog. happy fourth, happy day and happy life!

Silbs said...

Thanks, all. I don't believe it would be wise, Steve, to put a stick into this young man's hands. And, Suzette, you hit it on the button: I am blessed.