Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Every Movie Star Knows

An axiom of the theater as well as the big screen is never work with kids or animals, they will steal the show. So, kids aside, what is about animals that wrenches at our hearts and makes us smile?

Well, puppies, like the one above, are just plain cute. Seemingly innocent and anxious to please, they bring out the care taker in each of us. By the way, put a pup together with a pretty girl and you have a picture for an ad that will sell anything...but I digress (see, Gary, no parentheses).

Perhaps it is their playfulness that brings out the child in us. All I know is that when Lady Linda sees a cute pup (or a cute baby) I get nervous. I believe we have enough of each just now, thank you.

Because once you invite either into your life, they take over.

Paddle safe...


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