Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Time To Take Off
Next to me in my over-cluttered room are a bunch of boxes and duffel bags filled with camping gear, paddling gear and stuff one needs for every day use. There are also the posters I've made for a lecture on weather and some food. JB and I leave early tomorrow for the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium, and I am looking forward to it.As the schedule stands now, I will be teaching rolling and rescues, lead one trip and assist with another. I guess I am giving a noon weather lecture again, as well. Then we head up to the UP where we will camp and paddle for 4 days on the shore of Lake Superior before heading to Grand Marais (MI) for the following weekend. Somewhere in there will be a visit to a laundromat.

Thing is that cell phones often don't work up there and the internet is often hard to find. I don't know when I will post again, but will make every effort to share pictures when I am able.

Paddle safe...


Wife of Cookie Monster said...

Just be safe, please.

Silbs said...

Always, Buncher.