Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Am Off to
Play With the Big Kids
These aren't new pics, and this isn't a new theme. It's just that it's time for the annual Door County Sea Kayak Symposium. All my "stuff" is on the driveway, and JB is due to pic me up in about an hour. As usual, I am looking forward to time on the water, time with friends, reuniting with old friends and not reading newspapers.This year, I will be c0-leading an all day trip with my friend and colleague Sherri. Apparently, we are to take this 20 some mile jaunt and teach navigation, rescues, towing and the like along the way. Then, I will be doing a lunch talk on Weather Or Not To Go Out. In addition, I will be doing a class on the forward stroke and one on rolling. Full gig, don't you think?

Although I will likely monitor e mails, I won't be posting as I have no way to upload pics on my notebook computer (my newest toy).

Paddle safe...

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