Monday, July 20, 2009

At first glance it looks big, overwhelming, impossible to engage. That's what's it like with challenges (and opportunities). When this occurs, there are a variety, or rather combinations, of ways to overcome these seemingly impossible obstacles. The little girl in the pic above can run away, grow until larger than the dog (her name was Lady) or get a smaller dog. FWI: she grew larger and is now a mother of a son about that size.

It's the same with challenging sea conditions. One can run away or, in reality, just say it's not for me. That's fine. At least the individual remains safe, but they don't grow. They can get a smaller dog, i.e., come back on a calmer day. Or, and I'd like to think this is what one would choose, they can grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

I've always told entry level paddlers that the way to grow is to go out in more difficult conditions, but not alone. I say, for instance, if you are comfy in conditions one and two, go out in three, but go out with someone comfy in level four and five conditions. This will give you support and supply a safe environment in which to grow. Isn't that how we all learned?We paddlers are just a bunch of kids that need to be brought up properly.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

My oh my what an appropriate post after the GLSKS weekend. There was some serious envelope pushing by a number of folks due to the conditions. It was also a tough weekend for Greenland sticks.

avital said...

Me and my Guillemot S.:
To meet the next chalenge- You need
Someone you trust, who belives you can. (Like Steve Gordon for example...)