Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The LMAAA Your support is Needed
Critics (as pictured above) agree that one of this year's most worthy art causes is the formation of the new Lake Michigan Avian Art Association. For the first time a group of promising avian artists (pictured below) have a chance to get the education that could help propel their art from what some call graffiti to gallery quality acquisitions.
Working without professional direction, these students have already created multiple pieces ready for display. Even the critics were amazed to see that some of the more advanced individuals were working in multimedia forms including collages.(Chaos by Herring Gull)
Others, influenced by the masters, have taken a more minimalist approach with effect use of space and contrast.(October Gale by Sheldon Bird)
Others have worked collectively to create stunning panoramas.
(Lava Flow by class of '09)
Faculty lounge in need of repair
Folks, these students deserve your support. Give and give generously.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Amazing stuff! The Discovery Channel will be contacting you soon to arrange an hour long program on your discovery of this fine art. Who knows perhaps the Food Network will too!

Michael said...

I hope this talented group are considering entering the World's Rock and Spray Show in 2010 here in Newfoundland. They definitely show lots of guts in their art!

wisetara said...

Sometimes you're the seagull. Sometimes you're the rock.

Silbs said...

Thanks all, especially you cat and art lovers in Cincinnati

Mine's said...

Wow...wow is all I can say. Your grand daughter creates some pretty good art too.

DaveO said...

I don't see my old buddies, the Double Crested Cormorants, in the mix. Their main art colony is on an island at the mouth of the Knife River on Gitchee Gumee so perhaps they don't get that far south. They create a multimedia display that delights all of the senses at once.