Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Case Closed

(pre op photo)
Bandages off. The Cetus was on the lake yesterday taking waves over the stern (and bow). Back home in the garage, the rear hatch was bone dry. The procedure was successful. Case closed. Now, where the heck did I leave that toggle?

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

Silbs, I was fully confident that you could fix your "patient".
I am no surgeon, but working on a kayak is so infinitely easier than a human: no anesthetic needed :-)
And it is practically impossible to mess up bad enough that would lead to complications like in humans.

Silbs said...

Oddly enough, I can neatly sew a blood vessel I can barely see with the naked eye but become a bumbler when I pick up a tool. Go figure.

steve said...

maybe you need to change your tools, looks to me that you have no problem with the little things.

JohnB said...

gnarlydog makes a good point about the anesthetic--in the case of the kayak being the patient, the anesthetic is used for/by the "doctor", is frequently of a single malt variety.

Silbs said...

You are both correct. I have written to MediCare to see if they will spring for a case of single malt liquor.