Monday, April 12, 2010

When is Enough Enough?
Heaven knows I have paddled (and even owned) quite a few kayaks (I am presently impoverished with only 3...but I digress). Each has had unique properties and given me unique joy. Still, I keep looking at other hulls like a sex-addicted husband looks at girls walking down the street (I only know that from my scientific reading...but I digress...again).
Recently I saw a go-fast kayak advertised by a company in New York (sorry, I lost the website...extra fast kayak...west side boat shop.)
 It seemed to only have a rear hatch but promised speeds in excess of 6 knots (now I have your attention).
I see the new Rock Pools and the fiberglass Greenland models and think, "So many boats, so little time."
Then I ask myself when will I stop looking. Well, like the husband mentioned above, never. At least not as long as we are both alive. It is, I believe, the nature of the beasts.
 Every hull offers something better and does something worse than the one I am in. There is, in the end, no reason to stop looking for the perfect boat as long as I realize it is the journey that counts and that the boat doesn't exist.

Paddle Safe...

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