Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Screw It

Maybe I really have become an old comudgen, a has been and old fart who has out lived the modern world. Maybe it is time to stuff it.

First, without any choice on my part, Mozilla Firefox "updated" and destroyed the sweetist mail page I ever had. In an instant, everything I had set up in my tool bar was gone and, in its place, a Yahoo tool bar for which I have no use. Screw it, I use the Google sign on envelope instead.

Just now I sat to write a post and, when I went to upload an image (as I have literally done over a thousand times) there was a "new" system in place. No longer can I click browse and go to my personal photo albums. Oh no, I can only go to Picasso or enter a URL or whatever. The point is, it was easy  and now it is different, and I choose not to play.

Paddle safe...


steve said...

I just discovered the same thing and am not happy at all, even when I go to the old editor it does not upload my pictures. Just what the hell are they doing to us. maybe its time to change to a new blog system?

steve said...

Hi Silbs, Mackayak told me that all you need to do is click on "from this blog' and then click on' upload" and its just like it always was. Pity no one told us before all the worry.

Silbs said...

I believe he is wrong. All that does is give you access to all the pics you have already used in past blogs.