Friday, April 16, 2010

Here We Go!

"Perfect" day, yesterday. Temps in the high 70s (F) and a brisk off shore wind. It was a day to be on the water, and I was lucky enough to get out. All around me were signs of folks emerging from their winter dens to great the beginnings of the warmer season.
 (It's okay. You can't see her, but there is a mom watching them)
It was also a perfect set up for disaster. These are the days when rookies or folks in basic recreational boats show up with or without a life jacket and (usually) wearing one light layer of cotton. What they don't realize is that the water is barely 40 degrees and that the wind could carry them off shore should they fall in. The nearest shore is over 80 miles away. Even if they were lucky enough to get out on the break wall, there often aren't enough observant folks around to notice their plight (and their calls for help would be swept out to sea by the offshore wind).

These folks seem to have their own guardian angels. Disasters regularly happen, in part due to our local sea kayakers taking the time to walk over and advise these folks about the risks they could face. Even so, it is wonderful outside, the trees are budding, all the species of birds have returned and I'm psyched about paddling.

Paddle Safe...

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