Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I understand...
...correctly, I must now load pics either from picasso (where I don't store my pics) or use old photos from past blogs. I cannot directly access my own cache of images...unless there is something I am missing. If I have it right, I cannot accept this and will need to reconsider either blogging or not doing it via the Google dynasty. I am not sure I am up to starting and supporting a web page, but I will discuss this with others who know more about it.

Paddle safe..


steve said...

Silbs, you misunderstood, if you click on the upload button you access your own photos, just like in the good old days, give it a try, i did and it works. Its just more confusing for us oldies

Silbs said...

Yes, yes, yes, We are saved, rescued, returned to the land of the bloggers. Many thanks.