Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Martin = Chaos

   It is winter, I am frozen off the water, so I have dug out my laptop and found some photos from a Grand Marais Symposium. I found pics of an advanced rescue scenario class I was teaching. John had taught it to me, and I thought he should be lead. As it turned out, he had another class..but we arranged something.
   An hour into my class, I said, "Oh, no. Not him again." I indicated a paddler ill dressed coming our way. I explained that he was a flake and not part of the symposium. I told the class I had had to rescue him several times. Just then, the mysterious paddler tipped over. The class looked at me, and I told them I had had it and that they knew what to do. Off they went to "rescue" John.
   Of course, he immediately banged his head against a rescue boat, vomited (oatmeal), bled from his head (ketchup) and went limp. I am not sure what was the name of the rescue the class used, but I am sure it began with the word cluster.

After being "rescued", John subjected the class to more mayhem.

Paddle safe..

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